Code of Conduct

Code of Business Conduct

African Energy Metals understands the importance of defining behavioral expectations for all those who work in some capacity in our operations. Our stakeholders (employees, shareholders, corporate partners and business partners) expect and deserve the comfort that African Energy Metals has a clearly articulated code of conduct that applies to all those shaping the destiny of the company and the environment in which we operate.

A code of conduct has been adopted by our company to provide written standards and guidance to the company’s directors, officers, employees and consultants to promote:

  • Honest and ethical conduct, including the ethical handling of conflicts of interest (real and perceived) between personal and professional
  • Full, fair disclosure, accurate, timely and understandable disclosure in the company’s continuous disclosure documents
  • Compliance with all government laws, rules, and regulations
  • The prompt internal reporting of any violations of this code to the Compliance Officer
  • Adherence to the code and defining well defined practices and procedures if the code is violated

All stakeholders are required to acknowledge this code of conduct every year and re-certify their understanding of our expectations for their conduct and behavior in all areas of the business. By adopting this code, we feel that the company is committed to the highest ethical standards in developing our business and supporting our mission to be a leader in the DRC mining industry.

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