Manono Projects - Lithium, Tin, Tantalum, Rare Earths

African Energy Metals is positioning itself as a large concession holder with 30 Kms² of clean title concessions and an intension to acquire interests in additional Manono concessions. 

Manono Location

Manono Facts

Some key facts relating to this project:

  • 440 Kms Northeast of Lubumbashi accessible by air and road
  •  New area play expected to exceed Kolwezi in terms of size and importance to the DRC mining sector
  •  Historical tin and tantalum mining now to be surpassed by lithium and rare earths
  •  Infrastructure being built with a new road connecting Lubumbashi expected to be completed in the next year and a  new railroad being completed in the next two years to connect with ports
  •  Chinese are buying up land which is not for mining but for plants, infrastructure, and commercial use
  •  Largest concession holder is Cominiere which is a parastatal company but is involved in a major title dispute
  •  Attention is centered around the AVZ Minerals world class lithium deposit which is also involved in a title dispute
  •  African Energy Metals is a large concession holder at 30 Kms² and with clean title and intends to acquire interests in additional Manono concessions

Concession Map

PE 8251 Concession Highlights

  • Letter Agreement Option signed to enter a 50/50 JV with no set spending requirements and exclusivity fee paid
  • 30 Km² property located 35 kms east of world class AVZ Minerals 400mt lithium deposit average grade 1.7 % and highly  prospective for lithium, tin, and tantalum
  • Mineralization runs in NE/SW parallel zones
  • Historical tin production and project has an estimated 25,500 MT  of tin at a grade of 5% in just a small area that can be expanded
  • Tin has been trading in the US$32,000/t range
  • Project was intelligently acquired by a metallurgist working with a geologist who worked on the AVZ Minerals development for 5 years  and very familiar with the style of lithium mineralization
  • Spodumene hosted in pegmatite observed on the concession
  • Project already converted from an exploration to an exploitation permit with a long life and can immediately produce on a small-scale mechanized basis to generate cashflow

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